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High Stakes Testing


Ohio is one of only twelve states that still requires high stakes standardized tests in order for students to graduate. It’s time to end stressful and ineffective exams that go beyond what federal law requires.


The National Center for Fair & Open Testing has excellent recommendations that can help get the state moving in the right direction again. It starts with trusting teachers. They are in the best position to evaluate learning. A sheet full of multiple-choice bubbles won’t tell you about your student’s true understanding, higher order thinking, or real world problem solving skills.


The best way to fix the system’s problems is to rely on the experience of our teachers and administrators when creating legislation and policy. We need to make sure educators, parents, and local officials have the dominant voice in education, not those interested in profiting off of our children.


Charter Schools


It is time to end the charter school experiment and reinvest in our public schools. Millions of dollars have been transferred to charters, including $1.6 million from the cities of District 16. These schools rarely perform better, and in many cases much worse, than their traditional counterparts. You can see how much money was transferred out of your city’s school system and how they performed relative to charter schools here.

The ongoing saga of online charter school Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) is a prime example of the lack of accountability these schools have. After numerous audits, long running controversy over attendance, and overpayments from the state, the school has been forced to close its virtual doors. The irresponsibility of ECOT has left students scrambling to find a new home in the middle of a school year and seniors worrying if they will graduate on time.


Overreliance on Property Taxes


While there are no easy solutions, the current model of school funding has created massive inequalities between our schools. The Ohio Supreme Court found the disparity to be so egregious that it ruled the system unconstitutional. That was 20 years ago.

The Ohio Constitution tasks the General Assembly with securing a “thorough and efficient system of common schools”. In Columbus, I will live up to that obligation by supporting any legislation that gives all students a fair shot, regardless of where they live.


Higher Education and Student Debt


A recent analysis looked at student work opportunities and debt across the country. Ohio has the worst combination of the two of any state in the union. Furthermore, two-thirds of college students doubt that their universities are preparing them to find a job or equipping them to be successful in the workplace. Ohio’s graduates deserve to come out of school with confidence they can start a career, not overwhelming debt. Let’s make sure our universities are putting academics first, increase work-study opportunities, and push back against rising tuition costs.

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