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Environment and Energy

Ohio’s Energy

Restore Local Government Funding to 2005 levels and enact legislation within my first term that will allow for community driven solar projects.

Fight for a level playing field for independent power providers and advocate for an end to legacy industry subsidies.

Develop a modern and resilient grid through voltage optimization, access to grid for energy system developers, and push for legislation that directs The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to enable distributed energy resources.

Unlike my opponent, I will end the attacks on Ohio’s Energy Efficient Resource Standard and Peak Demand Reduction targets of 22.2% by 2027, and advocate fact-based analysis of the benefits of energy efficiency programs throughout Ohio.

Protecting the Water of District 16

Ohio is in the midst of a water crisis. Between Asian carp, toxic algae, destruction of wetlands, subpar wastewater treatment plants, and disregard for the Clean Water Act, the health of our greatest natural resource has drastically deteriorated. I am the pro-water candidate.

I will propose the Healthy Lake Erie Fund receives the much-needed increase in the 2020-2021 State Budget.

Require agricultural producers work with certified professionals to implement comprehensive nutrient management plans with yearly auditing until toxic algae levels have been reduced to the healthy levels.

Create standards for unregulated chemicals in drinking water with policies for public health warnings.

Adopt the US EPA recommendations of $27 billion in drinking and wastewater infrastructure investments for Ohio over the next 20 years.

Ohio Park Protection

Our state forests are a precious public resource, and tax-revenue generated from the Ohio Division of Forestry should be used in reinvesting into protection and new land acquisition.

I will diversify funding for parks, staffing, and land preservation.

Extend High-Conservation Value Forest designations to Rock Run and Spruce Run Watersheds.

Reinstate the Clean Ohio Brownfields program with a new $20 million Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund.

End onerous Current Agricultural Use Valuation penalties when land is repurposed from agricultural production for conservation purposes.

Transparency and Accountability for Oil and Gas Extraction and Transmission

Ohio needs to address the community, health, and environmental impacts as well as the economic benefits from the oil and shale gas industrial process. This industry can no longer operate without accountability.

I will advocate for reasonable emission standards for methane pollution

Increase enforcement capabilities Ohio’s EPA and update community safeguards

Implement legislation that will fine bad actors and use the money for a community impact fund for the affected localities

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