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I am thrilled to have received endorsements from LEAP Forward and Moms Demand Action. These groups promote sensible gun safety reforms that I am proud to stand behind.

Red flag laws: If it is clear that someone is at risk of committing gun violence, friends and family should have the ability to ask a court to confiscate that person’s firearms.

Align state laws with federal laws: This will give state law enforcement the chance to enforce laws that federal officers might not. We can update Ohio’s rules to ban armor-piercing bullets and prevent domestic abusers from owning a gun.

Improve background checks: The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that several Ohio courts are failing to report convictions to the background check database in a reasonable amount of time. All gun purchases should require a background check and current laws should be strengthened to prevent straw man purchases that allow ineligible people from acquiring firearms.

Ban bump stocks: Devices that effectively convert a weapon from semi-automatic to fully automatic are made to intentionally subvert the law. These and all similar accessories need to be banned.

Fund research: In order to address the issue of gun violence, governments needs data-driven scientific research. For too long, the industry lobbyists have fought against any meaningful study of the topic. Without objective facts, the discussion around guns will continue to be corrosive and unproductive.

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